A few of my favorite things…

This is one of the posts that I have been most excited to add to my blog. I am sharing my most favorite things, you know, the things I can’t live without.  I love when people share their favorite finds with me. These must-haves are tried and tested by yours truly and I adore every one of them.

Let’s start with hair products.  A couple years ago my hair was in pretty bad shape. It was dry, wiry, coarse, dull and unhealthy.  I thought it was just an inevitable result of getting older.  I went to my friend Amy who is a hairstylist and she introduced me to some fantastic products, which over time have restored my hair’s health, strength, silkiness and shine. First is the renewing argan oil  . I use this every time I wash my hair.  I towel dry my hair and then I rub 2 drops of oil into my hands and then rub the oil on the ends of my hair and my hair soaks it right up.  Next comes the Matrix miracle treat spray. I call this hair lotion.  I spray about 10 squirts all over my hair and then brush it throughout my towel-dried hair.  I love the way this helps the brush glide through and detangle my hair and it makes it feel so soft and silky.  It also helps prevent hair static without any greasy, heavy effects. Now for the brush. A few years ago I bought my two oldest girls American Girl Dolls for Christmas and one of the recommendations for caring for the hair was a wire-bristle brush.  A while later I was in the store and saw this brush that promised not to snag or damage your hair, and it works! I love this brush.  The copper bristles reduce natural build up, and it works easily through wet and dry hair.

Now for great skin care.  I have used Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer on my face, neck and back for 16 years.  It was recommended by my dermatologist to keep pores clean and skin clear.  It works so well, I’ve never gone a day without it.  I use the cleanser morning and night (with or without water) and the moisturizer is always applied after lightly towel drying my face. I was told to only use the tub of moisturizer and not the pump lotion as it has thinning agents to be pumpable, these ingredients are not as good for your skin.  One of the first things I noticed was how soft my face felt.  I had acne issues before and I’ll forever be grateful for these products.  Another moisturizing cream which I swear by is CeraVe.  My daughter’s hands get so dry, especially in the winter, that they crack and bleed.  This was also dermatologist recommended and it totally healed her hands. It is thick and creamy and works wonders.  Next is one of my newer finds.  I was waiting for my daughter in the orthodontist’s office, reading a magazine and saw this award winning foaming tanning moisturizer. Since it is a foam, it is super easy to apply and I haven’t had any orange spots.  It is subtle and gives your skin a nice glow to it.  Apply regularly and your skin will look naturally sun-kissed.  Now for my last skin product, Harry’s razors, blade refills, shave gel and after shave. For years I stole my husbands razor to shave with because the blades worked so much better than the ones made for women.  The only bummer was the cost of the blade refills.  Then my husband found these razors and refills by Harry’s and we both fell in love.  He bought two, one for each of us and the refills are much cheaper.  He loves the shave gel and after shave, and for a man who never spends money on himself, these are products he is always sure to order more of.

I was not blessed with beautiful, soft feet.  I have always suffered from dry heels, and no matter how many times by husband tells me to just wear socks and shoes all the time, I still love being barefoot or wearing sandals.  I found this Amope wet or dry foot file a year ago.  It is a pedicure at home.  I love that it can be used in the shower and washes right off. It is rechargeable and holds a charge for a long time.  You can purhase refills, which makes it very cost effective! It has a power button and 2 speeds.  I like to soak my feet in warm water and then it works quickly and effectively.

Now for a household product that works as promised.  As you can see from my pictures this wasp trap is incredible! Those pictures are after 4 weeks use.  The product attracts yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets.  I don’t know how, but I haven’t seen a single bee in there, which is good for my garden and fruit trees.  We have emptied it out and used a refill kit twice now.  We love this trap and have seen a huge decrease in wasps around our house.

My last, “can’t live without” item I have used for 3 years now.  As you can probably guess, I am extremely busy as a stay-at-home mother of 7.  Between dance, sports, music lessons, school activities, work functions, and church responsibilities for 9 people, our schedule is unreal.  I know there are apps and digital calendars that so many people love, but I am a paper girl.  I need to see it all laid out in front of me.  I refer to my Erin Condren life planner many times a day, every single day of the year.  They have thought of EVERYTHING with these planners.  There are almost too many designs to chose from. The covers are interchangeable not to mention personalized with my name on the front. The genius of these planners is in the coil that allows for moveable bookmarks, travel packing lists, to-do’s and to-buys, along with pockets and a year long budget book for my monthly expenses and income. I used to feel like I was always forgetting things and events and this has helped me stay organized and helped reduce much of the stress that comes with being a busy mother and wife.


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